Join our chorus and cast for a beautiful, funny, and wild roller coaster ride of musical emotion.

No other art form has as many stereotypes as opera, such as the comic portrayal of sopranos in helmets with horns. However, it has another side, beautiful and dramatic arias that bring tears to your eyes. Opera’s sister, musical theatre, contains the same breadth of emotion of tender moments, hilarious comedy and ferocious conflict.


Cast Principals & Ensemble

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Mississippi Opera Chorus

(In Alphabetical Order)

Mary Atchley, Curt Ayers, Eric Botto, Sherry Boyer, Kyle Conn, Haley Cox , Grace Denton , Faith Dixon, Isabel Dondero, Jake Everly, Vee Govan, Margaret Grantham, Walt Herrington, Tiffany Johnson,

Julian Jones, Michaela Lambert, Ta'Mari Lloyd, Michael McClary, Jerry Morgan, Shawn Morgan, Anastasia Osborne, Robert Perry, Chuck Runyan, Olivia Russell , Josh Sewell, Fred Shirley, Grace Smith,

Suzanne Starkey. Derrick Truss, Demi Vanderwerff, Olivia Vaughn, Randy Walker, Aaron Walker, Rene Young